Dear InfraGard Atlanta Members Alliance (INMA), On behalf of the 2018-2020 INMA Board of Directors, welcome to our new monthly newsletter. This newsletter will serve as the key vehicle to providing the latest information and news about the INMA, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure news and trends, and Atlanta information security events. The new INMA Board of Directors has been hard at work since the New Year. Our 2020 Strategy is in full swing. You missed our last INMA meeting where we presented the strategy? Let me share with you what we are achieving and how we are enhancing the InfraGard experience for you. First, our vision is to be the premier cybersecurity and threat intelligence sharing professional organization in Atlanta by being an indispensable partner for the community and a bridge between the private sector and the FBI”. We plan to get there by:
  • Creating a new brand for InfraGard in Atlanta
  • Increasing our value to the community
  • Knowing and increasing our member base
Our brand and value we bring you are critical to our success. Examples of how we are re-shaping INMA include not having quarterly meetings. We will now have quarterly events. This may include discussion panels, incident response tabletop exercises, site visits or tours, threat modeling workshops, etc. We can leave informational and educational meetings for our monthly webcasts. Our webcasts have been averaging between 700-1000 attendees; and they extend beyond Atlanta! Your INMA is providing webcasts that include all InfraGard Member Alliance chapters nationally. The feedback has been very positive and I encourage you to enroll and participate. We plan to mobilize available threat intelligence from InfraGard and the FBI more effectively. We plan to learn and put at your disposal what the FBI and InfraGard national have to offer. This may include summarizing InfraGard alerts, bulletins, and adding more from the FBI and/or marketplace. We also plan to revamp our A-List event. Our 2017 A-list event was a huge success. However, we want to build upon that success and make the event even better. This may include collaborating with other with other associations to bring the best each has to offer. Imagine the possibilities. Lastly, we plan to get to know you better. The fact is we do not know enough about our member base and many INMA members are not actively participating in InfraGard events. We want to involve you more in our activities, enlist more volunteers, bring you the information you need or want, have you enroll in upcoming special interest groups, and even find ways to reward loyalty and participation. When I said we have been hard at work we were not kidding. However, we want also want to hear from you what else we could be doing. Please let us know what you would like to see from INMA and/or InfraGard overall. You can visit our new web page [LINK] and leave feedback, or reach out through LinkedIn or Twitter. Please add us to your social media feed. You will not be disappointed. I hope you enjoy our newsletter and please mark your calendars for our upcoming events. Yours truly, Bruno Haring INMA Board of Directors President Bruno Haring | InfraGard Atlanta