If you live in Georgia and have any interest whatsoever in cybersecurity, then you will want to take advantage of our courtesy email updates where we include:

  • Local Events: Not just InfraGard events, but every cybersecurity meetup opportunity in the great state of GA that we can find. This way you spend less time looking for events, and more time doing what really matters. And of course we have no interest in showing any bias toward any particular event(s), so who better to offer this? And also because it’s a great opportunity for all the current members to go out with their lapel pins proudly displayed.
  • Online Events: InfraGard Atlanta has the occasional webcast event to share. So rather than constantly coming back to the web site, you can rely on this email to help keep you in the loop.
  • Public InfraGard Thoughts: We ask that one of our board members provides one nugget of truth that can be shared. Call it a mini, mini blog post that is related to anything in the past, present, or even the future that can and should be shared publicly.
  • Sponsors: Our top sponsor will be featured at the bottom. They are, after all, the ones who will ultimately be paying for this.
  • Membership Link: At the bottom of every email you will find a membership link for InfraGard itself. And if you are qualified to join and willing to be one of us, we sure hope to see you sign up, get approved, then help make the world a better place.

Please do not sign up if…

  • Non-GA Resident: We love all those interested in cybersecurity, we really do. But as this particular email list is exclusively targeted at those attending cybersecurity learning events in Georgia, it’s of little to no use elsewhere. And keeping it limited to GA residents also helps us manage the associated costs.
  • Confused: This is not signing up to be a member of InfraGard. We repeat…this is NOT signing up for InfraGard membership. This is a completely open email sign-up only, designed so that all can get some value outside of membership. Note that even if you are a member of the Atlanta chapter, we did not add you to this list, as you must do that yourself. If your intention was/is to sign up for the Atlanta InfraGard chapter, please do so here.

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