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Become a member of InfraGard today and help protect America’s critical infrastructure. InfraGard is an organization dedicated to the protection of the United States and the American people. In order to maintain a level of trust within the membership, all applicants undergo a records check performed by the FBI. Applications are screened according to a defined criteria and then passed to the local chapter for final processing and approval.

InfraGard membership comes with great responsibility. We value active members who are willing to devote their time, effort and talent to help build this organization and achieve our goals of protecting the American people. As a member, you are a representative of the nation’s largest volunteer organization dedicated to critical infrastructure protection.

Before you fill out your application, please read the InfraGard Code of Ethics. As a member of InfraGard, you are expected to abide by these guidelines.

Benefits of Joining

InfraGard has over 55,000 members and receives more than 7,000 new applications per year. See the InfraGard attracts more than 7,000 new applicants each year article at the Government Security News site. Some benefits are:

  • Network with representatives from other organizations and agencies that help maintain our national infrastructure.Quick Fact: 350 of our nation’s Fortune 500 have a representative in InfraGard.
  • Gain access to an FBI secure communication network complete with VPN encrypted website, webmail, listservs, message boards and much more.
  • Learn time-sensitive, infrastructure related security information from government sources such as the FBI and DHS.
  • Get invitations and discounts to important training seminars and conferences.
  • Best of all, there is no cost to join InfraGard.

Application Process and Privacy Policy

After familiarizing yourself with the InfraGard Code of Ethics and reviewing the IAMA Privacy Policy, please complete and submit the secure online application through the national InfraGard site at, selecting Atlanta as your local chapter. 

Get Local

All InfraGard members are associated with a local chapter. Some states have more than one chapter. If you are a member and live in the Atlanta area, please join us for an IAMA event and find out how you can get involved locally.