Q2 Meeting

Secureworld | May 30th

Tasha Phelps

Tasha Phelps

Keynote Speaker

Protecting the integrity of information continues to be a strategic focus within Ms. Phelps’ Cyber Security efforts. She has seen the impact of businesses being compromised by malicious threats, and shares how building contingency plans can be of value. Her approach is to align business processes with technical solutions to create powerful plans for sustainability.

Her experience detecting, responding to, and prevention of cyber threats in online environments, grants a unique perspective to ensure the security of information assets with industry accepted risk management tactics. In short, she leads a team to implement organizational awareness for cyber actors. Upon completing the Level 1 Anti-Terrorism Awareness training from the US Department of Homeland Security, she became even better positioned to create strategies for success – knowing WHAT to do is equally as important as HOW to do it.

Civically, Ms. Phelps has been involved with her community for over 30 years. She often shares her knowledge of the US Constitution and the public’s civic responsibility. As a requested speaker and panelist in business development initiatives, Ms. Phelps is also eager to share her experiences and knowledge of her industry and her journey into business ownership.


How Gaps in Private Sector Risk Management Impact Public Safety

  • Understanding sectors of critical infrastructure
    • Identify public safety agencies (federal, state, local)
    • Data collection by sector
    • Policy reformation
      • NIST Framework
  • Reporting breaches
    • Requirements & Penalties
  • Reporting symptoms of malicious activity
    • To who? Where? How?
  • FBI Information Sharing Initiative
  • Impact of lack-luster corporate security training programs
  • Cyber security audits
    • Business value
    • Compliance & standardization
    • Response and remediation protocols
  • Departmental interdependencies
  • Creating a formula for success
    • Getting buy-in from executives
    • Creating an effective communication strategy for managers & employees