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GETS / WPS Program

Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS).  During emergencies, the public telephone network can experience congestion due to increased call volumes and/or damage to communications infrastructure, hindering the ability of critical personnel to complete their calls. GETS provides authorized personnel priority calling during an emergency or crisis situation when the probability of completing a call is reduced due to excessive call volumes. GETS facilitated response and recovery efforts during and after events such as 9/11 and Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, and Sandy by providing more than a 95 percent call completion rate. GETS is an easy-to-use calling card service that works on both local and long distance networks. Users do not need special phones and the service is accessible nationwide. Calls placed through GETS will receive priority over normal calls; however, GETS calls do not preempt calls in progress or prevent the general public’s use of the telephone network. GETS allows users to communicate even during the highest levels of network congestion and also provides priority calling to cell phones on most major carrier networks. There is no charge to enroll in GETS or to make calls to the familiarization line. When making GETS calls, subscribers can be charged the equivalent of long distance phone rates.

Wireless Priority Service (WPS).  Extremely high call volumes on cellular networks can also hinder the ability of national security and emergency preparedness personnel to complete emergency calls on their cell phones. The WPS program is available nationwide, and is intended to provide authorized personnel priority calling when the cellular networks are congested and the probability of completing a call is reduced. For example, up to 95 percent of WPS calls were successfully completed during the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. After the April 2013 bombing at the Boston Marathon, up to 93 percent of calls placed through WPS were successfully completed, allowing critical personnel to carry out their missions.

GETS is a priority government telecommunications program that is for use during an emergency. WPS is the wireless (cell phone) version of the same system.
Eligibility for GETS / WPS:  InfraGard Members in active membership status are eligible to subscribe to GETS and WPS programs provided by DHS.
GETS – is offered at NO cost to ALL InfraGard Members with active membership status.

WPS – has costs associated and is offered to ALL InfraGard Members with active membership status.

If you sign up for WPS, the member is responsible for all WPS costs (See:

How to request GETS / WPS:  Email and provide the following:

  1. Name and Member Number as printed on the front of your InfraGard membership card. (Without this information we cannot verify your membership status and your request will be denied.)
  2. Telephone number.
  3. Tell us which program(s) you are requesting: GETS, WPS, or both.

Once your membership status is verified, we will provide you access to the online application.   If you have any questions on GETS and WPS programs and this subscription process, please contact: 
Mr. Jaime Chanaga, CISSP, CISA
InfraGard GETS/WPS National Coordinator
Tel: 212-203-3925

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