Southeast Regional Summit 2022

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Monday, September 12, 2022
1:00 -5:00 PM EDT

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Westin Peachtree Plaza – Atlanta
210 Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA 30303

InfraGard is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, comprised of 77 chapters across the country, supporting a private-public sector partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Dedicated to connecting owners and operators within the critical infrastructure to the FBI, to provide education, information sharing, networking, and workshops on emerging technologies and threats, InfraGard’s membership includes business executives, lawyers, security personnel, military, government officials, IT professionals, academia, and state and local law enforcement—all contributing industry-specific insight dedicated to advancing national security.

The InfraGard Southeast Conference will provide cybersecurity professionals the knowledge and skills needed to understand what critical infrastructure protection is, the nature of the physical, cyber, and human (insider) threats to them, who is involved, what their roles and responsibilities are, and the tools and resources available to better protect our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure.

Our Mission

InfraGard protects United States critical infrastructure and the American people by cultivating communications, collaboration, and engagement between the public and private sectors; the alliance unites the knowledge base, work, and resources of these stakeholders to mitigate threats to national security, improve resilience, and strengthen the foundation of American life.

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Meditology Services, a top-ranked provider of information risk management, cybersecurity, privacy, and regulatory compliance services for the healthcare industry, focused on investing in leading healthcare, software, and technology-enabled services companies. Since its founding in 2010, Meditology has served as the healthcare industry’s leading firm for information risk management, cybersecurity, privacy, regulatory compliance, and advisory solutions. Meditology provides a broad array of services to healthcare entities including cybersecurity and privacy risk assessments, HITRUST and SOC 2 assurance services, PCI-DSS ASV and QSA services, HIPAA & OCR compliance support, penetration testing, cloud security services, and other related services.

Maliha Charania
Senior Manager, IT Risk Management
Meditology Services

Morgan Hague
IT Risk Management
Meditology Services

Topic: Your Health Held Hostage: What Ransomware Means for Patients

Cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, and risk management have become top global priorities for healthcare as the industry increasingly faces crippling supply chain and ransomware attacks. Healthcare is a component of critical infrastructure and a top target of such attacks, yet the industry is struggling to maintain adequate data security and privacy with elevated risk of breaches and reputational damage. Hospitals, medical practices, and outpatient facilities have been the victims of large-scale ransomware attacks since 2016. The adverse impacts from ransomware to patients can range from inconveniences for rescheduling appointments to delays in critical care and treatment. Some reports and lawsuits have even cited pediatric and adult patient deaths that were brought on, in part, by ransomware outages at hospitals. This talk will address who are the cybercriminals behind ransomware attacks and what are their motives, the latest ransomware attacks and methods, ransomware impacts to patient safety and clinical operations, patient perception of ransomware and its impact on choice of provider, new federal and global regulations and legislation aimed tackling ransomware, and ransomware incident response best practices

Rapid7 (Nasdaq: RPD) is advancing security with visibility, analytics, and automation delivered through our Insight cloud. Our solutions simplify the complex, allowing security teams to work more effectively with IT and development to reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate, and shut down attacks, and automate routine tasks. Over 10,000 customers rely on Rapid7 technology, services, and research to improve security outcomes and securely advance their organizations.

Topic: What Data Will Get Leaked? It Depends on the Ransomware Group

Different ransomware groups show distinct preferences for what data to leak, according to a Rapid7 study of two years of extortion leak sites. Different types of information create different pressures on a company. Leaked personal information, either of employees or clients, can create arduous notification requirements, anger among an important group, and risk of class action lawsuits. Financial information creates pressure from investors and the potential embarrassment of business information coming out a company intended to keep secret. While the attacks rarely disclosed intellectual property, that may have more to do with the industries most likely to be targeted than the whims of the actor.

We have all heard that threats are evolving, and it is a constant battle to keep up with them. It is a topic of heated debate, with a number of different technologies and approaches claiming effectiveness. How can you detect and respond to modern threats? In this talk, Rapid7 will discuss the evolution of threats, including how they have changed and (just as important) how they have not changed, providing strategies for building, and operating an effective response force to help protect your organization, with a few pointers for specific tools and techniques.

Jeremiah Dewey
Vice President, Managed Services Delivery Practice


ReliaQuest, a force multiplier of security operations, recently joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), building upon its solid ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions to better defend against a world of increasing threats. With digital transformation driving migration, it becomes even more critical to have a unified view across an organization’s security infrastructure. With added support for Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, ReliaQuest extends visibility, unifies detection, investigation and response to drive security effectiveness and cyber resilience, while allowing the customer to integrate products at the pace that best suits their organization

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The Atlanta InfraGard Members Alliance (AIMA) is an FBI-affiliated independent nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting U.S. critical infrastructure and the American people. InfraGard is the private sector component of the FBI’s InfraGard program, which is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and members of the private sector for the protection of U.S. critical infrastructure. As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of corporate sponsors to help defray the costs of educational programs, training events, and information-sharing initiatives that strengthen national security and the foundation of American life. Our sponsorship program is designed to provide our partners with marketing and promotional exposure among a targeted audience of security stakeholders, member engagement opportunities, numerous value-added benefits, and most importantly, the opportunity to make significant contributions to the safety and security of our nation. Talk to a InfraGard Executive Board Member today for more information!